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Medical Record Digitization

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Patients about Medistine

Alisson S Designation

With the invaluable assistance of Docus, I discovered Dr. Mueller, who offered a comprehensive explanation of the necessity of surgery and the optimal surgical approach. Following the successful procedure, I am overjoyed with the outcome and deeply thankful for Dr. Mueller's expertise and support. Through Docus, I found not only a highly knowledgeable doctor but also a compassionate ally on my journey to restored health.

Sam R. Designation

Our journey with Docus began when we turned to their virtual health assistant, seeking guidance and hope. Trusting in the AI Health Assistant's recommendations, we decided to take the next step and book a consultation. It was during that pivotal moment when the doctor's profound knowledge and decisive action saved our loved one's life.

Gabrielle M. Designation

Docus became our guiding light in the darkest hours of our lives when our beloved child slipped into a coma. In our desperate search for answers and a glimmer of hope, we discovered Dr. Emmanuelle Lagrue, a pediatric neurologist like no other. With unwavering dedication and profound expertise, she charted a course toward our child's recovery. Today, our child stands before us, healthy, vibrant, and filled with boundless joy. Docus and Dr. Emanuella, we owe you our eternal gratitude for giving us back our precious little one.

Stuart A. Designation

I was unsure about my treatment plan, and a friend suggested trying Docus for a second opinion. The process was seamless, and I connected with a renowned doctor via video call. He took the time to understand my case and offered alternative treatment options I hadn't considered before. My treating doctor confirmed that option as well. Many and many thanks for changing my life.

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To interact with the our Health Assistant, please contact us via contact us form 

While the Medistine Health Assistant is designed to function as an AI Doctor and provide accurate and relevant information based on its training, it is important to note that it cannot guarantee complete accuracy. Always consult with a healthcare professional for a definitive diagnosis and treatment plan.

According to Johns Hopkins Hospital approximately 50% of cases have an incorrect treatment plan. Getting a second opinion helps ensure accuracy in diagnosis, validate treatment options, and potentially avoid unnecessary procedures, leading to better healthcare outcomes.

To get a medical second opinion, simply select the doctor of your choice from the Doctors Listing page and fill out the form on our platform. We will promptly contact you to arrange a consultation with the chosen doctor. 

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